Saturday, August 29, 2009

Unbelievable cuteness!

I had to break from the sensory camp updates to share the cutest thing. (But, actually it is related to sensory camp.) When all the children were sitting on the green carpet after their greeting and lesson when we were ready to head to the teaching garden the facilitator would say "If you're wearing red you may go and get ready........If you're wearing stripes you may go and get ready...." and so on and so forth.
Well yesterday after camp Ben was sitting over his open car box, with all his little cars saying "If you are yellow you can come out." then taking all the yellow cars out. "If you are green you can come out" and then taking out all the green ones.
He did this until the entire car box was empty. It was cuter than I can describe.

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  1. Oh adorable! And just goes to show kids really do do what we model to them!!