Tuesday, January 25, 2011

But it's what you were thinking!

Short preamble, there was an incident over the weekend that required all Ben's winter gear be washed, and during the washing the mittens were somehow detached from the jacket. We left for school yesterday and I didn't notice right away that the mittens were missing. As soon as I noticed we had to head back.......
Me: "Ben, do you know what I thought when I saw you standing there with no mittens?"
Ben: (thinks for a moment) "Oh sh*t?"
Me: "Ben! You're not allowed to say that!!"
Ben "No Mummy I didn't say that! That's what you thought!!"
So okay that was what I was thinking, but that's not what I was going to say.......

Monday, January 10, 2011

Talking about mammals

Conversation I was having with the boy today:

Me: "So what makes a mammal a mammal?"
Ben: "They make milk for their babies."
Me: "And?"
Ben: "And they feed that milk to their babies."
Me: "And they give birth to......"
Ben: "And they give birth to alive babies."
Me:" As apposed to?"
Ben: "Dead babies."
Me: "Um no."
Ben:" No? What then?"
Me: "Eggs."
Ben: "Oh."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Quote of the Day January 1st 2011

Our good friend Tristan made up a game to play with Ben. The game involved a beach ball that is also a globe. You pick a spot on the globe and come up with an insult that rhymes with the name of the place you chose for example "You have ugly pants, France." or "You're too skinny, Papua New Guinea!" (you get the point) and then you throw the ball to the other person and they have a turn. It was good fun until it got a little bit out of control. I had to put an end to the game when Ben whipped the ball at Tristan and screamed "I'm gonna shoot you in the face, Sharktown!"
Why? Well, it obviously doesn't rhyme does it?
Seriously though, Even though Ben insisted that even though he could not find it again, there was such a place as "Skarktown" on his globe. And we did have to have a conversation about the subtle difference between insults and death threats. Good times.