Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sensory Camp is Awesome! Day 2

Day two at Sensory camp was just as awesome as day one!

We were much more excited on the way, because we had a better idea of what it was going to be like and we were pretty sure we were going to have lots of fun.

We started off in the Center again with the activities tables while the adults got organized, today Ben chose to explore the giant plastic bug bucket (In which he found a Manatee on wheels, which was obviously not a bug.) Then after reviewing what we learned yesterday about our senses, the children made special coloured glasses to wear on the walk over to the teaching garden.

When we reached the garden we sang some songs before snack and free play time. Once again Ben chose to water the vegetables, but he also chose to roll around in the tube for a bit.

One boy found a butterfly and a facilacator caught it to show us all. (And let it go again of course)

After that the children played a different kind of hide and seek where they were mice trying to camouflage themselves so that the hawk (one of the facilitators) could not find them. This game cause lots of giggles. We played follow the leader on the walk back to the center (All the children who wanted to got a chance to be the leader.)

Back at the center we made tissue paper butterflies, which all turned out beautiful!

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