Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sensory Camp is awesome! Day Three

Even when it rains!
I was remiss in taking photos today, because things were a little different.
First of all we were a little late (well, we weren't but our bus was), and we didn't go to the teaching garden because of the rain.

The sense we focused on today was our sense of hearing.
We started off with the activities tables, and then went into a new room to play some hearing games. First the children had to try to be quite while "stealing" bugs from the "spider". The second game was a young child's version of the Farmer and the Thief. Each child got a card with an animal on it and the had to find their partner by making their animals noise. Unfortunately the other "wolf" was not participating, so Ben did not find his partner.
Then it was time for crafts so we made noise makers.
It is very, um, loud.
After crafts it was snack time. By then the sun had come out so we went into the court yard to play some more games.
Ben was a dog in the animal cracker game.

And they also played Red light Green light.

There are only two days of sensory camp left!
Oh dear, next week will certainly be boring.

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