Friday, August 21, 2009

At the fire fighters party...

So Ben and I are playing with all his little plastic fire fighters, (they are like little army guys only red and well, fire fighters) and we decided the fire fighters were going to have a party.
So there was lots of singing and dancing at the fire fighters party, there were several trips out to get more snacks, and one fire fighter went home to bake a cake. One of the fire fighters brought fish and chips ice cream which they all tried and enjoyed (except for one who did not like it at all). One had to go home because his shoe got broken.
Everything was going really great until,
one fire fighter got "out of control"
He was zooming around and yelling uncontrollable and knocking into everything and everyone.
So I says to Ben, "I guess he's had enough of the party"
And Ben says (I kid you not folks) "No Mummy, he's out of control because he's had too much alcohol. He drank the whole bottle without even sharing any of it at all!"
So I think for a minute and say;
"Why did the other fire fighters let him do that?"
And Ben says;
"Well, you see Mummy, he did it at home before he came to the party."
So I say;
"Well, that's not cool, he's kind of spoiling the party."
And Ben says "Yes Mummy, he is spoiling the party."
And then the rest of the fire fighters forcefully eject the drunken fire fighter from the party. Saying things like "You're out of control, go home and have a nap." "Yeah, go home and don't come back."

I was a little surprised by all this, and a little concerned.
We have all probably been at parties where guest have arrived full of just a little too much fun. I'm pretty sure I just didn't know Ben knew so much about Alcohol, and I wonder where he learned it from........

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