Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sensory Camp is Awesome!- Day five.

*Big sight*
The last day of sensory camp was a bitter sweet affair. Bitter because it was such a wonderful program and we were all so very sad to see it end and sweet because we got to taste vegetables from the teaching garden and make a tasty face. But I'm getting a head of myself. First things first, I finally got a photo of the legendary manatee on wheels!

We reviewed all the five senses on the green carpet after we were all name tagged and signed in. Then we headed off to the teaching garden For the last time :(
At the teaching garden we planted our very own Bean and lettuce plants. One of the facilitators gave us a quick demonstration on how to fill the pots, put the seeds in and water with a spray bottle.
Then each child got their very own pot with their name on it and planted their beans.

Afterwords the pots were stack in a bin to carry back to the center while we read a book, but , the story was interrupted by a loader bringing logs for a new log circle. It was very difficult to concentrate on the story with that interesting machine doing interesting things.

After the story it was time to harvest some vegetables and have a little taste. We had a walk around the garden and the facilitator identified different vegetables and picked one of each.

Then the children were invited to find, pick, and taste a black bean all by themselves.

For snack time we were able to taste all the other vegetables.
White cucumber, yellow zucchini, yellow beet, and green and red tomatoes.

Ben did not like the zucchini or the beet but he did like the cucumber and the bean. He declined to try the tomatoes as he is not fond of tomatoes. Those of you who know Ben know that he is a very finicky eater and it has always been a challenge to get him to try new foods. I was surprised and delights that he tried so many new vegetables all at once.

During free play one of the little girls tried to teach Ben how to hula hoop. She was pretty good at it too.
Ben made several valiant attempts and then decided to try to pull hula hoops into the tube instead.

After free play it was time for a song and then back to the center for our craft.

On the way back we played follow the leader once again.

Our craft was making a tasty face that we could eat. The pudding was a big hit.

The tasty face disappeared very quickly.

Then it was time to say goodbye to Sensory Camp. But, at least we have a piece of camp to take home in the form of a bean seed which we will hopefully be able to grow into a lovely pant.

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  1. You must have been so sad to leave.

    I bet Ben loved the log loader!