Friday, February 20, 2009

Tea Party

Okay, this was just too cute. So we're at playgroup and Ben is playing in the sensory tub (don't ask) and another little boy comes over and starts pulling on Ben's sleeve and says "I'm having a party, come to the party." Ben ignores him and continues playing. After sometime the boy comes back and tugs on Ben's sleeve again and says "Come to the party" So I say something to the effect of "Ben someone is talking to you." and he actually listens and then goes with the other boy over to the kitchen area and sits down. The party didn't last long and the pictures are very fuzzy but it was extremely cute! They each received a tea cup and a plate, they sipped their "tea" and passed the toy food around, Ben cut a piece of the "ice cream" for each of the boys. It was very sweet, and proves beyond a doubt that boys also enjoy a good tea party!
Here is Ben cutting the "ice cream". You can see the scattered cups, and "pizza". There was also "cake" and the blue and silver thing is a kettle. The party ended in a skirmish between two boys (not Ben) over who got to pour the tea.....

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