Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh Cripes!

So the other day Ben tells me he wants to go back into his crib. (Highly unusual) So I pick him up plop him back in and go about making breakfast, telling him to call me when he wants to get out. I hear some somewhat ominous thumping and when I finally go in to check on him, he has all this stuff in his crib with him. I ask him how this happened and he very matter-of-factly tells me he climbed out and got it. So of course I say show me. And he does. And I run and get the camera and say show me again. Then having taken photos to documnet I tell he must never ever do it again.
Without a doubt time to get rid of the crib.
I know he likes it.
I know he keeps saying he doesn't want a big boy bed, but I think I'm gonna put my foot down on this one and just go a head and get a big boy bed.


  1. Ooh dear!

    But then again you have put the settee *right* next to the cot for easier access! ;-)

  2. Well, it was either that or the book shelf, at least the couch is soft.......
    But yeah if I pull the couch away he's trapped, only can't close the door.