Saturday, February 14, 2009


(left to right) Wallace, Marcella, Curly, Isabelle, Barney, Red Bear

In honor of Valentines Day, I present to you The Bear Family. It's a little complicated so bear with me a moment (haw-haw-haw).
Red bear (m) is married to Isabelle (f), Barney(m) is their child. Curly (f) is somehow related to Isabelle (they are sometimes siblings, sometimes cousins, sometimes lifelong friends, but whatever their actual relationship they love each other very much.) Curly is married to Wallace (m) and Marcella (f) is their child. Red Bear and Wallace are both very good bears but they don't always get along well. They sometimes argue when the Mums are not present. They often try to convince each other to "go away" and leave their child. ( ei Wallace:"You can go away Red Bear, and I can take Marcella and Barney out to get some ice cream", Red Bear: "No Wallace, you can go away, and I can take Barney and Marcella out for Pizza" to which one of the children replies "No, we will all go out for Pizza and ice cream together." )
This year for Valentines Day Wallace gave Curly a blue car. Red Bear gave Isabelle an axe. Both Curly and Isabelle were very, very happy with their gifts. When I inquired as to what Red Bear and Wallace received as gifts I was told that they were going to share the gifts they gave........
I'm sure this reveals all kinds of crazy information about my son pyscological development. He's obviously got no problems in the imagienation department.


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