Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trucks! Trucks! Trucks!

So all little boys love things with wheels right? I know mine sure does. For a long time I tried to insist that "girly" toys got as much play as "manly" toys. When I realized that I was fighting a losing battle I gave up. He's old enough now to choose what toys he wants to play with and I'm glad to say that there is a fair rotation of stuffed animals in the mix. Also the trucks have been know to have a tea party or two.
But on to the trucks!

For his birthday Ben received a large recycling truck, and of course as we all know, trucks go to depots

........and refueling stations.

Apparently some of these stations have helicopter landing pads on top!

Ben also received a remote control car, which had to be modified to carry recycling.

I thought it was perhaps more suited to penguins, but as usual I was wrong.

It was more suited to bears.

It's surprisingly difficult to take a photo of a bear riding on top of a remote control car!

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  1. LOVE the depot in all it's forms.