Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quotes of the day- January 14th 2009

Today I have more than one, and the day isn't even over yet! I guess it's just a funny sort of day.

Shortly after a somewhat sticky breakfast:
Ben:" From now on, I'm not going to wash my hands. Instead, I will wipe them very slowly on my sweater."
Me: "No Ben."
Ben: "On your sweater?"

I'm in the kitchen putting cups away, and my leg is being repeated whacked (gently) with a large stuffed polar bear while Ben is joyfully singing a song I've never heard before:
"Swing your bear side to side,
side to side,
into every single little Mummy,
Swing your bear side to side,
side to side.
And do the actions,
of the polar bear activity"
At this point I just about collapsed with laughter so I didn't get to hear the rest of the song.

A little while later this self same polar bear was "talking" (Ben has a special voice that he uses when he makes his toys talk, it's very high pitched.):
Bear: "I'm a dog, I'm certain! I'm a dog, I'm certain!"
Ben: "Mummy he's lying!"
Bear: "I'm a dog, I'm certain! I'm a dog, I'm certain!"
Ben: "Mummy, he's lying he says he's a dog when he is clearly a bear!"


  1. There is nothing more unique than a three-year-old's perspective on the world. (and exactly why isn't wiping one's hands on one's sweater acceptable? Sounds perfectly reasonable to me ! :) )

    The bear song is the best.

  2. I quite enjoy Ben's sense of creative arts not only does he create award winning pictures but he's a composer as well with the perfect amount of logic... washing hands just takes too much time!

  3. Not only is Ben an awared winning artist but he's composer as well. With the perfect logic that washing hands just waste important playing time, where as wiping your hands your sweater is a great time saving tool....

    as for the bear lying maybe Ben was mistaken it sounds more like the poor bear was having an identity problem. Maybe he was a dog born in a bear's body!!?? But Ben is just a little too young to know that...