Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blast from the past......

Okay this is in reaction to Ruth's post "Trains do my bidding"

Two of Ben's first words were "bus" (meaning bus obviously) and "moungee" (meaning monkey) around this time he was pretty obsessed with both buses and monkeys. He would point them out everywhere. Then the most amazing thing happened........... Telus launched it's monkey ads. And then plastered these adds all over T.T.C. buses. Resulting in plentiful "Moungee-bus"s. I'll never forget the first time he saw one of these adverts on a bus, he was so excited;
"Moungee!...Bus!... Moungee!... Bus!.......... Moungeebus! Moungeebus!"
No wonder he thinks the universe bends to his will!

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