Thursday, March 5, 2009

Monkey perceive, monkey play.....

For reasons you may read about here, I've been obsessed with the mail lately.
I keep checking the mail box.
I wonder aloud when the mail will come.
Being a perceptive child Ben has picked up on this, and is also becoming a little obsessed with the mail. He asking questions about the mail, mail carriers, even mail bags.
So to distract myself and to make him happy, I have made Ben a mail bag to carry around (complete with a cow flap), letters to post, and a mail box.
It's been keeping him very entertained. It's also a good way to learn our letters, by reading the addresses on the envelopes aloud together.


  1. So cute! And what a clever idea!

  2. Very cool - I love the cow-flap.

    You had me confused there for a moment: "learn our letters" - why do you need to learn the letters? Don't you just open them and read them? Oh... that kind of "letters". :-)