Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Dance-A-Thon

Thanks to everyone who donated to Ben's school's Halloween fund raiser! Ben went dressed as Elroy in the costume I made for him (See the shoes?!!) The school went all out with decorations, and even hired a professional DJ. It was tons of fun for everyone. Nothing better than seeing so many kids so happy.
Here are the best pictures of Ben dancing.
The pumpkin is his best friend.
Happy Halloween everyone!!!


  1. That's awesome! Love it that he's boogieing on down!

  2. The photos are a bit deceiving. His idea of dancing at this point is jumping up and down on the spot, running to another spot, jumping up and down, laughing, running to another spot and so on and so forth. But he had soooooo much fun! (And we did too!)